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  1. It is with some regret and a great deal of sadness that we have to announce the Wrapping Ranch will be closing down shortly after Christmas 2017. This is because I have reached the age of retirement and the work is too strenuous for me to continue.

    Therefore some product lines will not be replaced when they sell out although we will do our best to keep the most popular lines going right up until early 2018.

    I must say that it has been an awesome adventure, I have spoken to and met many truly lovely and very talented customers in the course of my work here. I will sincerely miss them all.

    Offers are invited if anyone is interested in continuing the name of The Wrapping Ranch. The business has so much potential it's unbelievable and can be run from anywhere in the country being internet based. During the last 4 years I struggled to run the business alongside being sole carer for my mother who sadly passed away in December 2016, this all took it's toll on my health. I kept the product lines down to a managable level but there is amazing potential to grow the business by the introduction of paper gift wrap, wedding requisites, tags, gift boxes, crafting materials, perhaps even a local gift wrapping service as I often get asked!

    Let me know your thoughts - with oodles of love and best wishes, Sue and Barrie xxx

  2. Unfortunately it has become neccessary to increase prices of much of the patterned and speciality tissue papers. We have absorbed a lot of small increases over the years but our postition has become impossible due to the effects of Brexit and inflating wood pulp prices.

    I would like to apologise to all our loyal customers for these increases which are totally beyond our control.

    Sue and Barrie

  3. I sadly have to report that my elderly mum passed away in the early hours of 6th December. It was a blessing in the end as she had suffered such a lot with Parkinsons Disease and Dementia. She had not known who I was for quite a few months even though I am an only child.

    Consequently one or two orders have been delayed but in the main I have managed to keep up with them even though my mind has been elsewhere.

    The funeral will take place on Monday 19th December.

    Please bear with me during this very difficult time.

    Sue x

  4. This week I have discovered the selfish side of human nature when a delivery driver tampered with a parcel, stole numerous items inside and resealed the box leaving a customer disappointed and myself out of pocket. I will leave no stone unturned in finding the culprit and claiming for my losses but it still makes me very sad.

    A lot of my customers are self employed in small businesses and they will all know how hard it is, working all year round without any holidays, working whilst ill, taking work home and trying desperately to make ends meet. All this whilst trying to compete with ruthless supermarkets and big business who jump on any trend and use their enormous buying power to undercut those of us who really don't want to be rich. We just want to get by.

    Brexit has also adversly affected my business enormously and I am sure others must be feeling the effects! Having people stealing from us just makes it even harder. I will have to sell 100's of pounds worth of items just to recoup enough profit to pay for the loss.

    I would never wish harm on anyone but I do hope that karma pays a call and makes the person who stole my items re-think how they are living their lives and make a change for the better.

    However onwards and upwards (hopefully)

    Sue x

  5. The recent heavy rain has caused severe travel disruption for everybody including Royal mail and courier services. Even if your immediate vicinity is not affected delivery delays are to be expected as parcels are being held up by various flooded areas.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused by circumstances beyond our control. We are very thankful for the enormous efforts made in all weathers by Royal Mail and the various couriers that we use at this busy time.

    Sue and Barrie x